Multiple accounts

No matter how many Twitter accounts you have, Ocell can manage them all. Set notifications settings individually and protect your non-personal accounts to avoid tweeting in them by mistake.

Custom columns

With Ocell, you can configure your Twitter stream as you want. Add your custom columns to the main screen, so you can swipe through them without navigating to other pages.

You can add any kind of Twitter feed as a column: home timeline, mentions, DMs, favorites, lists or searches.

Advanced filtering

There's a guy who always tweets to much? Are you tired of all the sports tweets out there? Trying to ignore all the Foursquare checkins in your timeline? No problem! Ocell allows you to set filters, so you only see what you want to see.

Filters are super easy to use, and you can set them up individually for each column or as a global configuration in the Settings page.